Alain Teh is an MPA’24 candidate at the Harvard Kennedy School as well as an MBA’24 candidate and ASEAN Fellowship recipient at the MIT Sloan School of Management. He is passionate about issues surrounding education, socio-economic mobility, economic development, and the environment. Alain started his career in finance in Singapore and Hong Kong, and graduated with bachelor’s degrees in law (LLB) and commerce (BCom) from the University of New South Wales. In his spare time, he enjoys reading broadly, sports analytics, and watching Singapore football.

Ng Qi Siang is an AM candidate in the Regional Studies–East Asia program at Harvard’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences focusing on International Relations. He majored in history at Yale-NUS College with a minor in Global Affairs. Working as a journalist with The Edge Singapore, a weekly financial newspaper, Qi Siang has also contributed articles to CNA, TODAYOnline and Rice Media. He has also written articles for the Lowy Institute’s Interpreter blog and Oxford University’s OxPol blog. He is interested in foreign policy, education issues, socio-economic inequity and macroeconomics. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling to new places, visiting second-hand bookstores, and looking for the next great instagram shot.


Abhinav Seetharaman is an MPP candidate at the Harvard Kennedy School. He was based in Singapore for 1.5 years from 2019 until 2021, where he worked as the Princeton-in-Asia Fellow at the Milken Institute. With a deep passion for Singapore, Southeast Asia, international relations, and sustainable development, he has spearheaded projects and policy reviews from inception to completion for U.S. government officials, C-Suite leaders, and other prominent executives. He is a graduate of Columbia University, from where he obtained his undergraduate degree in 2018 and a master’s degree in 2019. Outside of his career and academic pursuits, Abhinav is a professional mridangam (South-Indian classical drum) player, as well as a travel and sports enthusiast.

Clarice Tan is an undergraduate at Wellesley College (Class of 2023) majoring in political science and computer science. She is passionate about international relations in East Asia and hopes to help governments, companies and individuals navigate an international environment beset by constant challenge and change. Her past positions include internships with BowerGroupAsia, the Carnegie-Tsinghua Center for Global Policy, the Singapore Institute of International Affairs and Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She is also interested in issues surrounding technology and misinformation, and is currently working as a research assistant with the MIT Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems to investigate the spread of viral content and misinformation on social media. In her free time, she enjoys spending time in the great outdoors and seeking out delicious food.

Naveen Sharma is an MBA Candidate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of Management. He was previously the Project Lead representing Shell on the HySTRA joint venture, responsible for building the world’s first large scale Hydrogen supply chain, among other roles from operations to strategy during his time at Shell. He will join the Boston Consulting Group post MBA focusing on Climate and Energy. Naveen has an interest in Singapore’s energy security, socio-economic inequity and the ’Singaporean identity’. He has an MEng in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering from the University of Strathclyde where he was awarded the King Harold Trophy and was a recipient of the Archibald Denny and RINA-BAE prizes.  In his free time, he likes to read books about Singapore and has a curated list of books which he thinks provides a glimpse into the soul of Singapore.  

Michael Lee reads computer science at the University of Cambridge. His primary interests are mathematics, technology, and design. As an ex-debater, he is also interested in politics, economics, and social issues. Apart from academic commitments, Michael spends his time swimming, listening to music, battling existential dread, and cooking.


Althea Lee is a freshman at Harvard College studying Government and East Asian Studies. As a Singaporean who lived in Jakarta, she is interested in Southeast Asian international relations and foreign policy. She is a Radcliffe Research Partner under the Harvard Radcliffe Institute, junior staffer of Harvard Model Congress, and U.S. – China relations member of the Harvard Undergraduate Foreign Policy Initiative. She also represents Southeast Asia as a board member of the Woodbridge International Society. During her spare time, she enjoys traveling and watching TV comedies.

Claire Tham is currently a Masters of Urban Planning and Real Estate student at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Prior to her masters, she received a bachelor’s at the National University of Singapore, majoring in Real Estate. She worked as an investment management analyst with a focus on real estate development and fund management. She has a keen interest in real estate finance, urban regeneration, ageing-in-place and public participation in the planning process. Claire looks forwards to the next travel adventure and is always on the lookout for good food.

Jay Hong Chew studies Government at Harvard College (Class of 2025). He has a keen interest in Singapore’s regional foreign policy, and the historical development of its diaspora communities. He is currently an editor for the World column of the Harvard Political Review, and is an executive member of the freshman cohort of the Institute of Politics. He sings baritone with the Din and Tonics, and finds Alaskan Malamutes particularly charming.

Rohan Kothari is an undergraduate at Boston University studying Business Management, with concentrations in Business Analytics and Finance. He lived in Singapore for 11 years, attending Singapore American School for his majority of his time there. He is interested in the education sphere in Singapore, as well as Singapore’s foreign policy. Rohan is also interested in how to improve racial and class divides that Singapore faces.

Megan Yeo is an undergraduate at Harvard College (Class of 2025) concentrating in Economics. She has a strong interest in the application of economics to public policy, and is particularly interested in behavioural economics, development economics and international trade. She previously interned with the Ministry of Education in Singapore, and is currently interning with the US-Asia Institute. On campus, she is also a member of the Harvard College in Asia Program, the Harvard Undergraduate Japan Policy Network and the Asian-American Dance Troupe. She loves playing the guitar and hunting for good food around the Cambridge area in her free time. 

Lee Jit Ping is an undergraduate at Boston University (Class of 2024) majoring in economics with minors in data science and international relations. Jit Ping took a keen interest in public policy during his time as a member of the Singapore National Debate Team. Jit Ping is heavily invested in making sure that children grow up in an encouraging, nurturing, and empowering environment. He has organized his own student peer tutoring groups and camps with various organizations and loves to be part of discussions on how to make Singapore better for our future generations.

Tang Zi Xuan is an undergraduate at the University of Cambridge studying Human, Social and Political Sciences. He is most interested in the humanistic dimensions of policy, especially the experiental and visceral effects of various social policies. Having taught at various schools before, he has become attuned to the both the world of education and the art of haggling for chicken rice teacher discounts.