The Singapore Policy Journal is a Harvard Kennedy School student-run publication that started from a simple observation.

Every year, students and researchers from some of the best universities in the world write innovative and rigorous analyses of Singapore policy but few ever see an audience beyond the classroom. There is usually nowhere to publish, and whatever does get published is usually in disparate journals and rarely in a format that is easily digestible by the public or policymakers.

The Journal’s goal is to make such analyses more accessible to the public and policymakers through various formats, including opinion pieces and research papers. We strive to publish exemplary work that introduces novel ideas, challenges preconceived notions, and provokes thoughtful debate and discourse. 

As a strictly non-partisan journal, we believe in the value of reasoned, nuanced, and critical thinking and writing about Singapore policy issues. It is with this spirit that we encourage thoughtful and even critical responses. We hope to create an engaged community of readers, thinkers, and leaders on Singapore policy that may, in its own small way, help elevate the level of policy discussions in Singapore.