Our Policy

The Singapore Policy Journal at the Harvard Kennedy School believes in the importance of a diversity of viewpoints to advance the quality of public debate on Singapore policy issues. The Journal strives to bridge the policy divide between different stakeholders in civil society by ensuring representation across a spectrum of ideologies and opinions, so as to contribute to more productive discourse.

The Journal is therefore firmly committed to both providing a platform for the cross-publication of thought-provoking pieces, and allowing the republication of our articles on other domains. We see this to be in the ultimate interest of furthering our national conversation.

Cross-Publication on SPJ

The Journal accepts the submission of articles from authors who wish to republish with us. The Journal may also approach authors with an invitation to cross-publish. All articles to be cross-published on the Journal are selected with, and subject to, the same criteria:

  1. The article offers an original or rigorously argued perspective on a Singapore policy issue.
  2. The article meets our editorial standards. 
  3. The article does not have existing republication restrictions.

Material and copy edits may be needed to conform to our editorial style, in which case the Journal will work with authors to seek their approval. 

Republication of SPJ Articles

Our articles are published under a Creative Commons — Attribution / NonCommercial / NoDerivatives license. Republishing our articles, online or in print, is free and does not require seeking prior permission, as long as the following conditions are satisfied:

  1. No editing, except for changes in time and location. If you wish to make any editorial edits, you must get the author’s approval before publication.
  2. Credit the author and Singapore Policy Journal at the top of the article. Please include a link back to either or the article URL.
  3. No commercial use of our material. Although the article can be placed on pages with ads, no publishing of our material behind a paywall is allowed.
  4. Images are not covered. If you want to use them, please verify that you are licensed to do so.

Editors’ Note

The opinions expressed in the articles cross-published on this site or republished from this site are the authors’ own, and are not shared by the Journal and its editors unless expressly stated otherwise.

This policy on cross-publication also applies to partnerships the Journal has with any organization or publication. 

The editors reserve the right to edit or delete any comments deemed to be offensive or profane.