In My Shoes: Dr Sudha Nair

In this piece, Beatrice Lee and Rahul Abraham take a closer look at Dr Sudha Nair’s work with PAVE in alleviating domestic violence in Singapore. They explore the historical development of Singapore’s policies addressing family violence, the role PAVE plays in assisting victims of family violence, and the challenges and opportunities that the future holds for both the organization and Singapore society at large.

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[Reading Group] Collective Summary #2: The Foundations of Trust in a Digital Society

The recent focus on TraceTogether data and the use of POFMA during the 2020 General Elections have highlighted the increasing urgency of the need for awareness of emerging digital technology issues and how they affect society. What are our roles and responsibilities as citizens? How much trust can we place in public office when it comes to the control and use of digital technology? And what are the economics and principles that inform our assessment of whether we can trust digital technology to begin with?

In the second of four collective summaries following SPJ’s reading group, Joshua Tan reviews the remarks of our guest speakers, David Eaves and Bruce Schneier. The summary details the takeaways from the group, as well the policy deep-dives conducted in group’s subsequent roundtable discussions.

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[Sustainability Series] An Interview with Melissa Low: Part Two

In the second part of SPJ’s interview series on sustainability, we continue our conversation with Melissa Low, a research fellow at the Energy Studies Institute at the National University of Singapore (NUS), this time focusing on the broader global context and Singapore’s role in it. In light of recent global milestones in climate policy, Melissa shares with us about how they influenced her work in Singapore, as well as her well wishes for Singapore’s climate policy.

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[Reading Group] Collective Summary #1: Do Citizens Dream of Smart Cities?

As the prevalence of digital technology looks set to become a mainstay in Singapore’s smart nation ambitions, what benefits and costs can we expect? What kind of future will that create, and what are some societal issues that must first be recognized and resolved before accepting such a future?

In the first of four collective summaries following SPJ’s reading group, Jonathan Cheng reviews the topics discussed in the inaugural session. The summary details the takeaways from the group, which comprises student participants from a range of academic backgrounds.

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Rethinking Scholarship Diversity: The Pre-U Education of PSC Scholars

Minister-in-Charge of the Public Service Chan Chun Sing recently remarked that the diversity of Public Service Commission Scholarship recipients goes beyond race, language, and religion. This raises questions about how diverse recipients have been in socio-economic terms, of which pre-university education provides a good proxy for assessment. In this piece, Andrew Chia looks at why diversity in background matters, and explores the diversity of PSC scholars using compiled data on PSC Scholarships from 2007 to 2018.

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From the Editor’s Desk: Plans For the Year

Welcome back!
As SPJ resumes after our summer hiatus, we find ourselves confronted with a landscape that seems equal parts challenging and exciting. As much as the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted our lives and exacerbated our existing societal pressures, it also provides an opportunity to take stock of our policies, so that we may improve and innovate. We have seen Singaporeans actively participating in discussions on our future direction, and in that same spirit, the Journal is proud to detail its plans for the year. We invite all our readers to join us in engaging with our Singapore conversation, and to contribute their ideas through articles and discourse. Read the letter for more information on our plans for the year, and how you can get involved!

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