Our goal is to be a stage for dialogue on all Singapore-related policy issues. We have five article formats:

  • Op-eds – We look for op-eds on all issues surrounding Singapore’s policies. Op-eds should be 600-1500 words long.
  • Debates – In our Debates section, a debate piece will feature two or more commentators with different viewpoints engaging in a dialogue on a particularly thorny policy issue. This is a chance to properly tease out and consider opposing arguments.
  • Explainers – Explainer pieces, designed after The Economist Explains, will take apart a policy, explain it in simple terms, and examine its rationales, implications, and trade-offs.
  • Solutions Toolkit – The solution toolkit is our repository of best practices around the world, or in Singapore, that address a specific problem. Found an innovative example of a policy solution that could be applied to Singapore, or an interesting project that addresses a social or policy problem in Singapore? Write a case study about it – what it is and why it works.
  • Long-form research papers – We also welcome research papers and theses. Long-form research papers should also be accompanied by a 1-2 page executive summary.

We are also looking for submissions of bilingual pieces in Chinese, Malay, or Tamil, to make our content more accessible (English translations will also be provided).